Thursday, July 30, 2009

Saudi Champagne

To some this name might sound a little weird! Haha... I was confused too, the first time I heard it. Alcohol is strictly prohibited in Saudi Arabia but this drink just happens to have the word 'Champagne' in it, even though it's kind of like apple cider.

This isn't really much of a "recipe" just because there's really nothing to it. And yet, whenever I make it for parties or brunches, I am left going back and forth from the kitchen and dining table making more and more refills! :)


1 Bottle Perrier (sparkling) Water (or 'water with gas' as they'd call it in Rome! haha) [I usually substitute this with sugar-free sprite/Sprite Zero]

1 bottle apple juice

A julienne cut apple to garnish

A few sprigs of mint

Cut slices of orange/lemon to garnish (optional)


Mix one part sparkling water with 2 parts of apple juice, you can alter this based on what you feel your diners would prefer.

Pour the mixture into a glass jug and garnish the entire top of the drink with mint sprigs, oranges & apple.

For best results, let the drink sit in the fridge for a little while before serving, so that the scent of the mint gets well-infused with the rest of the drink, it really adds a nice twist!

I've always gotten a lot of compliments with this drink, even though there's really nothing to it!



  1. I really like the look of this!!! So pretty and colourful..and different..Ive never seen anything like this b4 even tho I had a saudi friend years ago...m going to try this and maybe post it too ..will link ;)

    Juli's mom

  2. I prefer to drink champagne in a speciall time like when i go out with my boyfriend or when i have an important meeting with my partners. I think this drink is very delicous!!!!
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  3. I had a meeting days ago with my partners in costa rica investment opportunities and we drank a great champagne, the taste was really delicious and the dinner, oh my god delicous too.

  4. There is always a solution for an alchohol- free country

    1. Saudi Arabia is not an alcohol free country ... legally yes ... in reality ... Alcohol and drug abuse are the main cause of death in Saudi Arabia ... the danger is the home made stuff .. Sid being widely manufactured and consumed ... even 4711 cologne is consumed by many there to get an alcohol hit ... Prohibition has never failed to produce underground drinking ... Saudi Arabia is no exception

  5. Lived and worked in Saudi Arabia ... experienced Saudi Champagne for the first time there ... I don't drink alcohol as I don't like the taste ... my husband has health issues and alcohol is not a good mix with his medication so have re introduced Saudi Champagne to our beverage list ... everyone who tries it is amazed that such a simple combination of ingredients produces such an enjoyable and pleasant drink ... the jug of Saudi Champagne looks fab on the table too when entertaining and is an ideal accompaniment to a business lunch whatever the season