Friday, October 31, 2008

Even the kids can do it!

I have to say up front; I don't like making cookies. Why? Because cookies bake in batches, and it requires you to remain the kitchen, by the oven, until all the batches of cookies are done. I prefer making cakes to cookies, because you can pop your pan of cake batter in the oven, set the timer, and go take a shower.

That is why I tell my kids they can make Eid cookies if they wanted to, and lucky for our family, my daughter prefers making cookies to cakes. These here cookies, are baked by the hands of three of my children, for Eid. Traditionally, Malaysians make all sorts of cookies for Eid Al Fitr, due to our custom of having guests throughout Shawwaal but especially during the first few days. When guests come unannounced, but are nonetheless somewhat expected, the presence of these Eid cookies relieve the hosts from scattering to the kitchen to whip something up several times a day, several days a week.

My children attained the recipe for this cookie from one of the library books they happened to have lying around at the time. Fortunately though, the recipe is online too on

Even kids can do it! So what are you waiting for? ;)


  1. SubhanAllah I think great minds (and great cooks) really do think alike! All day today I was thinking about posting a chocolate chip cookie recipe! :p

  2. mashaa Allah! Your kids are creative. I'm baking tonight too :D

  3. lol, monazza..the pics waere lying around on my hard's a shame not to put them up lol oh my...the night is still young ma cherie lol

  4. hehe :D the night is still young for me. I'm working tomorrow morning and I have guests coming over for dinner... so I'm getting a head start.

  5. your kids are so smart, Kakjuli, MasyaAllah!! miss them...