Monday, October 27, 2008

Tiramisu Cake

Okay, so my 1st attempt at making Tiramisu was not without flaws. I'm not much of a baker so I tried it out hoping to ignite some sort of motivation, and surely, it worked! I plan to keep trying until I get it right =). The filling turned out a little too runny (too much cream and not enough mascarpone cheese) as seen in the photo, but I put it in the freezer for 1 hr before putting it together to thicken it out... it was still too runny though. I will adjust the recipe accordingly.

So here's what you'll need:

- 750g mascarpone cheese (fresh cheese aisle at your local grocery store)
- 6 eggs
- 500 ml of cream
- 1 cup of espresso coffee
- 3 packs of ladyfingers (cookie aisle at your local grocery store)
- 1 cup of sugar
- cocoa powder

Making the Filling:

1. Mix 6 eggs (without the whites) and 1 cup of sugar thoroughly using an electric hand mixer or until it thickens and turns a light yellowish colour.

2. Put on the stove (preferably a double boiler so that it doesn't burn!) and heat for 5 minutes.
3. Pour 500 ml of cream in a separate bowl and mix for 5-10 minutes until it thickens using an electric hand mixer.
4. add 750 g of mascarpone cheese, then add your 1 cup of coffee to the cream and mix them together using a good spoon.

5. Pour the egg and sugar mix in to the cheese and cream mix and mix thoroughly using a good spoon, until it becomes a smooth paste. [warning: it shouldn't be as runny as in the pic... mine turned out that way. It should be much thicker!]

6. now you're ready to put the cake together

Putting it together

1. Line up your lady fingers across your pan making sure to cover all of the holes

2. Fill up your first layer of filling on top of the lady fingers
3. Line up your second layer of lady fingers
4. Put the top layer of filling on
5. Refrigerate over night
6. In the morning (or at least 6 hours later) top with cocoa powder.
7. So from the bottom up: lady fingers, filling, 2nd layer of lady fingers, 2nd layer of filling, cocoa powder.


- In the future I plan to substitute the cheese for vanilla or something similar inshaa Allah, I'm not a fan of cheese in general so I wasn't fond of the taste. alhamdulilah!
- Instead of pouring the coffee into the mix, you have the option of dipping each lady finger into a bowl of coffee before putting the cake together so that the coffee flavour is still there.
- Instead of lady fingers, you can use wafers or graham crackers. I haven't tried it but it's been recommended to me

questions? ask away!


  1. you mean double boiler...(double heater) this a UK recipe? bec US recipes donm't usually use grams LOL...i never made tiramisu..(my freezer's always filled) lol

  2. fixed! I was rushing so didn't notice I wrote grams for everything haha! The cream is in ml of course!

  3. and yeah I meant double boiler.. still getting used to the lingo Juli :)

  4. oh i just guys are britished! lol

  5. Cute, cute site, mashAllah :)
    Would you need to add some sort of vanilla sugar (or other flavoring) to the egg mixture?

  6. Welcome Heba! You can also add a pack of vanilla pudding to add some flavour to the mix, or you can replace the lady fingers with vanilla flavoured wafers.

    One sister recommended I add vanilla flavoured Jello instant pie filling.

    Let me know how it works out :)

  7. bint aadam, my kids are saying that you should come here and make this for us bec I'm not making something I won't be able to eat LOL

    Welcome Heba! Nice to have you drop by!

  8. Juli, tell the kids I would LOVE to but distance does not permit!

  9. Halal tiramisu! You rock, Hala jaan!