Saturday, December 13, 2008

Pound Cake

If you're like me, you've been eating pound cake ever since you were a little kid. I remember my mom bringing it back each time she went grocery shopping. It's ridiculously easy to make, I almost didn't believe it when it turned out so good. I say this all the time, but if it worked out for me, it'll work out for you.

I was browsing the Joy of Baking website and eyeing some recipes I'd like to try out in the future. I came across a pound cake recipe. The picture on the site was drool worthy and brought back a rush of memories. I quickly read through the ingredients and noticed that I just happened to have everything, including a lemon (zest from 1 lemon is needed) in my pantry. I also needed an excuse to use my new bread pan :)

Enough of that, the recipe I followed can be found here. Don't underestimate the measurements, follow them exactly. I remembering thinking, oh well, what difference will it make if the ingredients aren't at room temperature, or if I add the eggs in at once (as opposed to 1 at a time). Follow the recipe entirely.

*The recipe mentioned to wrap the cake well, so I sliced it, and saran wrapped the slices, and refrigerated it.
*Mine was ready in 45-47 minutes, even though the recipe says 50-60. Don't let it mislead you so keep a close eye on your cake.


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  1. too many sweets lol, the last few recipes have been desserts!

    (I'm probably the weirdest woman on the planet for not liking sweets...)